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 CastleVania Judgement Wii (Review)

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PostSubject: CastleVania Judgement Wii (Review)   31/03/09, 08:13 pm

Castlevania Judement is not like other Castlevais's of it's time. This is a combat game, with 3 rounds and sudden death. It kinda reminds me of Mortal Combat. The characters are good but the controls with the wii remote are HORRIBLE!!! you are better off grabing a classic or a gamecube controller. Personally i really suck right now, but thats just because iv'e never played it. the storymode is basically super smash bro brawl's story mode. you fight a whole bunch of people, then u face the boss dracula, and if yu beat him you unlock a new character. very simple. the online is pretty cool. in this game, online you are given ranks. u start off at 1000. and everytime you have a rank battle and you win your rank increases. unlike ssbb, if you are jus facing anyone online and you like them you can automatically add them to you friend or rival list. i also think that the list are GREAT. you have a rival's list for the pople yor having a hard time beating, and a friends list for the people you have beaten and want to be your fiend. i reccoment this game for people who love fighting games for the wii.
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CastleVania Judgement Wii (Review)
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